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Your site needs a Padlock in the URL Bar?

  • July 19, 2020 by Bob Johnson

All the major search engines, led by Google are now ranking sites based first on security. That is, if your website is not secure your site can receive an unsafe warning, instructing your visitors to stay away and go back, more so with FireFox than the other website browsers.
   Having a secure website is the single most important SEO you can do, period. How do I know if my website is secure and safe for my visitors? In the browsers URL bar, to the left of your domain address is either a "Padlock Icon" or a "Not Secure" warning.
   I have enabled Auto-SSL for all hosted websites, but you may need more. To check your site and additional needed requirements, go-to, https://whynopadlock.com and test your site.
   I'm working on needed corrections for you guys and to provide you with a simple fix soon for you to do.
Bob Johnson