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  • Account Compromised (Hacked)

    March 21, 2014 by Bob Johnson
  • Early this week one of our SELF-MANAGED account's was compromised (Hacked)​! Once the hacker had gained access to this one account malisious code was written which affected over 40 of our accounts. Some of you were aware of this issue due to site not functioning or unable to log into their administrator to edit. This problem occurred due to the lack of maintaining the security of their accounts, i.e. updates, cpanel password changes, email activity including passwords. Each of you had same and different issues.
    To address this issue I have added additional security protection to the server and will be changing all  accounts cpanel passwords I will also check for security updates to each affected site and if updates are available will make those updates. The normal fee for this service is $50 however due to this incident all self-managed sites will be charged $25. If applicable you will receive this charge.
    Thank you for your understanding on this matter. Bob Johnson

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