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  • Locky Ransomware Beware!

    September 5, 2017 by Bob Johnson
  • Every receive an email containing common subjects like ‘documents’, ‘please print’, ‘photo’, ‘images’, ‘pictures’ and ‘scans’ or “you don’t have the HoeflerText font” on a webpage? DON’T OPEN THE EMAIL OR CLOSE THE WEBPAGE! Why?  (After WannaCry and Petya, another ransomware seems to spreading like wildfire, taking a hold of computer systems all over the globe, this time it’s being called Locky.) You are unlocking Locky, Locky is a ransomware that scramble the contents of a computer or server (associated network shares, both mapped and unmapped and removable media) and demands payment to unlock it “usually by anonymous decentralized virtual currency BITCOINS”.

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