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Getting Started LegionSitesDirect

  • November 12, 2010
Getting Started LegionSitesDirect

You will be using the Mambo CMS (Content Management System). View Screen-shot (Opens in a new window)

After your website is live you want to notify National and Your State that your website is live. This will help others find you and provide valuablle backlinks which will improve your website popularity.

But first, on your main Menu, there can be as many items as you want, but if the list gets to long it looses usefulness. If requested I can add section Categories for the SAL, Legion Riders, Auxiliary and any other sections you desire.
You have unlimited phone and email support for 30-days and lifetime for email and emergency phone.

When editing your site it is recommended to use either the Internet Explorer or Mozillz Firefox. There are issues with using Chrome and some of the others.

The biggest issue new administrators have is confidence, not to worry, no mater what you do, I can usually fix it.

To get a feel for what to do, I'll start you with editing the Newsflash content Monthly meeting.

What to do...
On the home page only is the administrator link, click to log in with the Mambo UserName and PassWord.
You are at the admin home page with Menus across the top and icon short cuts below.
 Click the icon for All Content Items, the table shown provides a lot of info,, currently there is no content in SAL or the Auxiliary categories.

The Monthly Meeting is in the Newsflash category, this category is like a banner ad, in that it displays at the top of selected pages.

To edit this item you click it, this will open the WYSIWYG editor. Familiarize yourself with the available tools. When done editing remember to click the save icon, if you only look at it then always click the Close icon, never the back button. This will get you going.

This is the similar procedure you will use for all other editing.

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