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Blocked website access/Firewall Security

  • September 12, 2012
One of the defense items involves repeated failed log-in attempts to the back-end of your website. Our firewall is currently set to create a 60 minute temporary server access block of the IP address that this occurs from when 5 failed attempts occur within 300 seconds (5-minutes). After 4 such failed attempts the offending IP address receives a permanent block.
What to-do. After one failed attempt please look up your password before trying again, or request a replacement password. Please do not keep trying. Wait an hour before trying again.
If and only after trying above you can submit a service request for me to white-list your IP address which is not something I freely like to do for the very reason of server security.
Before submitting your request please go-to www.whatismyip.org and the site will provide you with the IP address you are currently using. Please include a copy of the provided IP address to me when submitting your service request.

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