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RSS feed how-to add

  • September 25, 2012
An RSS feed is used to display content from another website however to work the suppling website must have RSS feeds enabled and a link to retrieve the RSS feed.
An example is used as the "Mobile County News" on www.alpost250.org header article which has been placed in the banner position on  the page. You can of course use any any position you wish.
HOW-TO: Login to your administrator and on the Main Menu>Modules>New button. This is a generic module you will use. Create a Title, select a location as all pages or select only the pages you want it to appear on. As you scroll down on the left side of the screen is a place to insert the "RSS URL:" add the RSS URL and save. Go back to your website and refresh the page to view.
NOTE: Should it not appear you may need to "Clean the Cache" if enabled. Goto Main menu>System> Clean cache. This should refresh and all should be working, if not send me an email with the issue.

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