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Account Billing Change Effective October 15, 2012

  • October 1, 2012
     Hi everyone,

   Typically throughout the domain name and web hosting providers industry a delinquent account results in a suspension of the domain name and hosting services at midnight on the due date.

   The annual domain name registration fee is not within our control and it will receive a suspension as explained above. However, many of the hosting packages pay monthly, quarterly or Simi-annually.

   Currently we have allowed up to a 60-days late payment before hosting suspension would occur, we can no longer continue with this liberal policy. Therefore beginning October 15, 2012 our revised policy will go into effect resulting in a hosting account suspension after an invoice remains unpaid for 15-days.

   I do not intent to activate or enforce a re-activation fee at this time.

   We are in hopes this policy change will result in an improvement in our poor cash flow.

     Thank you for your business,

     Bob Johnson

     Empirical Data Solutions, Inc.

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