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Getting Started with Legion Responsive websites

  • June 16, 2016

After order is received and your template set up you'll be provided with your login info.

The use of this builder is very simple with easy to follow and learn guidance which follows.
adding Images
Page IMAGEs rotates at top of "sidebar".
At the bottom of the editing page is where images for the page are kept. Select "Choosefile" to upload images.
After the image is uploaded... Place and click the mouse where you want the image placed, click the image icon on the toolbar, select the photo. Save the changes and you are done.
Photo Album:
Creating a simple album is shown of the Rider's July 4th ride. Riders and the others are under the Legion Family link.
Pasting Text.. to display properly please use the Paste Clipboards on the Tool bar.

Adding pages to home page and each section. All added pages are referred to as Children or Child Pages. So when you need to add a page select the page you want NEW PAGE to appear below and select Add Page.
An example is the Legion Family Each group becomes a Child of this page. And the sample photo album is a child of the Riders.

ProcessWire's complete PDF users guide

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