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 January 26, 2019     0 Comments

TWO-parts: We'll start with folder/file creation using cPanel and then create a child-page in your website.

Goto your control panel; login with your info  when first setting up the site.
   UserName is your email address, if you don't remember your password click the forgot password link. This may not be the same as your website editor.
You'll need to use  this file, download>    Once into cpanel click public_html open. file Manger>open> upload the downloaded file to to the public_html directory. Highlight the file and select >Extract.

   Open your website editor and create a new child-page under the page of your choice similar to ; and then create a child-page for each year
Upload your  newsletters into the year directory, REMEMBER to use the numerical month so they'll be in chronological order. Insert link to each .pdf newsletter. You're done!

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