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Backup Website a MUST DO

  • February 14, 2019

   It is imperative as being your sites webmaster to create and maintain a current Backup of your website downloaded to your PC or data storage. One never knows when or why a website disaster may occur!
   This is a simple task. Depending on the website builder software you're using there are Duplicator/Backup Modules or there is a backup duplicator within the website builder software such as RvSitebuilder. WordPress and ProcessWire each  have a Duplicator/Backup module you can install or if  you prefer you can use the "Backup Wizard" available in your cPanel. Specialty websites such as the American Legions have additional instructions in your KnowledgeBase topics.
   WordPress duplicator and instructions; https://wordpress.org/plugins/duplicator/
   RvSitebuilder and ProcessWire American Legion websites have additional instruction in your KB section.
   All other websites need to use the backup Wizard found in your cPanel.

Using the Backup Wizard : (Process takes less than 5-minutes.) Open cPanel, in the Files section select Backup Wizard and click to open. Next you want to select Step-1 and click the BACKUP button, then go to step-2 and select from Partial Backup select the HOME DIRECTORY, after download/save. Return to Step-2, select MYSQL DATABASES; Download/save. Follow their instructions.

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