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  • June 24, 2020

Emergency Password Reset Script
Using this method is the easiest in my opinion as you simply copy this code into notepad and save it as a emergency.php file then upload it using FTP or cPanel to your public_html root directory for your domain.

You must know your username to use this password reset method

Login to cPanel and scroll down to File Manager
Click File Manager and go to your site public_html root directory
Copy and paste the code below into notepad and save it as emergency.php
Click on upload in cPanel and upload the emergency.php file to your root directory (if you have multiple sites make sure you upload it to the root directory for the domain you cannot login to)
Refresh the page and enter http://yoursite.com/emergency.php in your browsers address bar
You should now get a login screen where you can enter your existing username and a new password of your choice
Once you have entered these details you should now be able to login
You will also receive an email to the users e-mail address with your new password details
DELETE this file from your server immediately after you have successfully logged in for security reasons.

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